About Us

We are, Terra Building Materials, supplying brick slips, terracotta cladding products, paving stones, roof tiles and insulated blocks.
We have been in the construction industry for over fifty years’ collective experience as a main contractor. We see this hands-on experience as being immensely valuable, ensuring we’re responsive to the current market trends and to the requirement of contractors.  We think like you, this means we can provide you with the best possible solutions.
Our approach to cladding and façade projects is unique, enabling us to use the best possible quality products. Our products are new to the UK market, with insulated blocks and 100% natural Terracotta products offering extra soundproofing and heat insulations.
Supplying all the possible façade products as well as their fixing systems, we can also customise façade products for special projects. We are committed to offering an unequivocal service to suit your needs.
Here at Terra Building Materials, we ensure our teams are not only up for the challenge, but that they enjoy working together with other professionals to bring each project to safe and successful finish, whether it be a large development or simple residential project. Using the latest specialised techniques and industry knowledge, we always strive for optimal building performance.
We are providing services from start to finish with our hands-on experience.


We work together with architects and main contractors from the start and making sure that all elements are brought together to transform your imagination into reality. Our aim is to make your project happen according to specification, on time and on budget. We challenge to find the perfect solution for each project, combining the best quality products, design, procurement cycles and value engineering. We are not just supplier but project partner, therefore we are review site conditions and plans accordingly so that every functional layer is meeting architectural specification.


Our experienced design team take your vision and translate that into reality with practical plans for your project. We are here to challenge for making the best possible design options for your unique projects. We are also being here during the project life to resolve critical design issues. We have had years of experience in construction sector as a main contractor therefore we know the possible critical issues and know how to sort them as soon as we can.


We have had approved contractors to install your façade without any issues. Our area installation managers monitor the installation process to ensure that all fixing equipment and personnel are in place to maintain project schedules and minimise risk. As Terra Building Materials we will supervise the installers to avoid any possible delays on your projects. We know that the delays on projects may leave a massive negative impacts on your company. Therefore, we work as a team not as supplier only to make things happen with a perfect result.

Structural Design & Calculation

We provide services for your including load calculations to develop the structural frame for your façade, development of the SFS frames, steel or concrete structures, selection and optimisation of structural components to meet load-bearing requirements, acoustic performance, U values, seismic analysis and structural deformation.

Bespoke Service

Apart from the standard external cladding products, we know that there are many projects require us to manufacture bespoke cladding products for your unique projects. You are not restricted by using the standards products only so we are here to transform your dream design into reality

Project Management

We have experienced in construction sector as a main contractor for years therefore our team including project managers, operations, sales and on site have a detailed understanding of modern construction methods and known the best practice. We will be assisting you to get a final result perfectly.